Industrial Control PCBA

Industrial Control PCBA

Industrial control PCBA refers to industrial automation control, which is mainly realized through the combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical and software.

Industrial control PCBA is industrial control or factory automation control. It mainly refers to the use of computer technology, microelectronics technology, and electrical means to make the production and manufacturing process of the factory more automated, efficient, accurate, and controllable and visible.

Industrial control PCBA requires a dedicated or general-purpose circuit board, the bottom circuit is complete, and IO is reserved.

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The Best Material for Industrial Control PCBs

Before selecting a PCB for your industrial application, consider the flexibility and strength of the material you choose, as this directly affects the ability of the PCB to support its intended application. Industrial PCBs should have robust materials to allow etching of PCB traces and components. Therefore, there are many possibilities for PCB materials. The main materials for industrial PCBs are FR4, Metal and PTFE.

Material selection for PCB manufacturing is critical and should be tailored to the specific working environment. PCB materials used in industry must be able to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature, humidity, vibration and chemical exposure. Some common materials for industrial PCBs include:



FR4 is the most commonly used material in industrial PCB manufacturing. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, good machinability, and very high tensile strength.


(2)Teflon (PTFE)

Also known as PTFE, is a very good high-performance plastic material that offers no resistance. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance. Therefore, it is used in high-speed, high-frequency applications.


There is also extreme flexibility making it excellent in applications with tight tolerances. It is also very light in weight and can be used in various industries.


(3)Metal Substrate

All traditional metals such as copper, aluminum and iron are used to make industrial PCBAs. These materials allow the integration of components using Surface Mount Technology (SMT). In industrial manufacturing, aluminum PCBs are generally preferred.


(4)Ceramic Substrate

Ceramic PCB is made of ceramic substrate and metal traces, it is an excellent material for industrial printed circuit boards, has excellent thermal conductivity and can withstand extremely high and low temperatures.



During manufacturing, materials are selected based on the application, desired results, and environmental considerations.

Some material choices are also based on the constraints that the PCB may face during application.

Therefore, the material of industrial PCB should be selected according to the expected results.



Industrial control multi-layer PCB design, manufacturing to assembly


In the design stage, engineers communicate with customers to understand customer needs and requirements, and clarify product parameters such as function, performance, and size. Then start circuit scheme design, schematic diagram design, PCB layout design, and design document writing.

In the manufacturing stage, the production department purchases raw materials, PCB production, solder mask production, gold plating layer production, Solder Mask production, surface mount (SMT), soldering, testing and repairing, quality inspection, packaging and transportation.


In the assembly stage, assist customers in equipment installation and debugging, system joint debugging, software programming, and realize the automatic control function of equipment.


Features of industrial control pcba


With the continuous development of industrial automation, industrial control PCBA, as the core component of the industrial control system, is also constantly developing and innovating. The following are the characteristics of industrial control PCBA:


High Reliability:As the core component of the industrial control system, the reliability of industrial control PCBA is very important. Therefore, stricter quality control standards are adopted in the design and manufacturing process, and more reliable materials and components are used.

High Performance:With the continuous development of industrial automation, industrial control PCBA needs to have higher performance to meet the requirements of industrial production for speed and precision. Therefore, industrial control pcba adopts faster processor and higher storage capacity, as well as supports higher data transmission rate and more interfaces.

Miniaturization:With the continuous intelligence and automation of industrial equipment, industrial control PCBA needs to be smaller and smaller to adapt to a more compact industrial environment. Industrial control PCBA will adopt smaller packages and higher integration, as well as use more compact layout and higher circuit density.

Intelligent:With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, industrial control PCBA needs to have a higher level of intelligence to achieve more intelligent industrial control. Therefore, more intelligent chips and algorithms will be adopted, and more intelligent communication and control will be supported.



Industrial control PCBA application case


Industrial control PCBA is widely used in various industrial fields. For example, it can be used in the control and monitoring of automated production lines to realize the automation and intelligence of the production process.

1. Automotive electronic control system

Automotive electronic control system is a typical case of industrial control PCBA application. The system includes multiple modules, such as engine control module, transmission control module, body control module, etc.


2. Industrial automation control system

The industrial automation control system includes multiple modules, such as PLC control module, sensor acquisition module, actuator control module, etc.


3. Medical equipment control system

The medical equipment control system includes multiple modules, such as electrocardiogram acquisition module, blood pressure monitoring module, ventilator control module, etc.


4. Smart home control system

The smart home control system includes multiple modules, such as smart lighting module, smart door lock module, smart curtain module, etc.



How to choose Industrial Control PCBA processing manufacturers

When selecting an Industrial Control PCBA processing manufacturer, you should first understand whether the other party has a standardized process. For example, in the process of normal operation, it is also necessary to set up drawings, and then enter the stage of processing. In the process of normal use, safety inspections are also required, and data inspections are also required. If a factory can meet all aspects , everyone will naturally have better results.

v  According to their own product needs, understand whether PCBA manufacturers can meet the processing needs of products. You can know what types of products the manufacturer has processed before, whether the main products are high-end, mid-range or low-end products, and compare them with their own products to conduct trial production and proofing, and make a final decision.


v  Know the delivery time of PCBA manufacturers. Many PCBA processing requires short-term delivery, and the sooner the product lands, the better. You can first understand clearly, what is the general delivery date of the manufacturer, and what is the expedited delivery date, and check whether the deadline meets your own requirements, and make a choice.


v  Learn about the industry qualification certification and industry experience of PCBA manufacturers. Before choosing to cooperate, you must know what the manufacturer's product qualifications are, and see if they meet your own product requirements. Try to choose manufacturers with more qualifications and more industry experience for cooperation.


v  Understand the equipment situation of PCBA manufacturers. In smt chip processing, the requirements for processing equipment are very high, and the more professional the equipment, the higher the quality of the products processed. Generally, professional equipment such as automatic placement machine, reflow soldering machine, SPI, AOI and testing are required.


v  Understand whether the PCBA manufacturer's manufacturing process is professional, and by checking the factory's information documents and qualification certification, you can get a general idea of the strength of the factory's quality control.


In short, it is necessary to be cautious and careful when choosing a PCBA manufacturer. Through inspection, if all of them meet their own requirements, they can generally achieve a long-term cooperative relationship, and they are both partners and partners. Finally, welcome everyone to come to Shenzhen Beton Technology Co., Ltd. for factory inspection. Advanced equipment, lean manufacturing process, and digital management system make you worry-free. Any Industrial Control PCBA needs, please contact me at any time.