PCB Manufacturing

Item Fabrication Capabilities
The number of layers 1-48 layers HDI:1+,2+,3+,4+, any layer


FR-4,High TG FR-4 , Halogen Free material, KB, ITEQ,ShengYI,PTFE,Rogers ,Arlon ,Taconic,Teflon,etc.

Max PCB Size


Min Board Thickness

Rigid:0.1mm Flexible:0.027mm

Copper Thickness

0.5oz-40oz(ceramic pcb can do 1/16oz)

Aperture Tolerance


Surface Finishing

ENIG, Flash Gold, Hard Gold Finger, Gold Plating(50mil), Gold finger,Selected Gold Plating, ENEPIG, ENIPIG, HAL, HASL(LF), OSP, ImAg, ImSn

PCB Manufacturing

18 Years Experienced Professional PCB manufacturer

Beton has accumulated more than eighteen years of pcb manufacturing experience in the PCB industry, mainly producing multi-layer PCBs of high quality, high difficulty, high complexity and special materials.

We are your trusted partner and one-stop shop for PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing.

> Multilayer PCB(upto 100 layer for specail)

> Heavy copper PCB(upto 40oz)

> Blind & Buried Vias, Stacked & Staggered Vias, Any-Layer HDI(Backdrill, Backplane)

How to guarantee the efficient and reliable PCB fabrication

An efficient and powerful production line in PCB Manufacturing

PCB raw material guarantee

lStandardized purchasing process

lThe origin of brand raw materials can be traced

lStrict supplier selection policy

lUse high quality Fr4 copper clad laminate


PCB quality assurance

l100% factory inspection

l100% AOI tested

l100% FQA/FQC

l100% quality meets IPC standards


Fast delivery guaranteed

lSuper large production workshop

l24/7 production

l24/7 assistance service

lSupports extremely fast 12/24 hour delivery



Strict and standardized production process to ensure PCB quality

Fully automatic production equipment + complete testing equipment + in line with IPC quality system standards





PCB Material Cutting


¤Cut Material

¤Drying board

¤Grinding edge

¤Processing chamfers

Lamination and Drilling


¤Layer Alignment


¤Drilling Hole

¤AOI Inspection

Immersion Copper


¤Copper immersion pre-treatment

¤immersed copper

¤Backlight level test




Electroplating Process


¤Full board electroplating

¤Graphic plating

¤Hole filling plating

Etching process


¤Remove Film


¤Remove Tin

Central Inspection


¤AOI detection

¤Fixes and optimizations




LED Exposure


¤Grinding board

¤Dry film


DEV Process





Print Solder Mask


¤Print solder mask

¤Solder mask exposure

¤Solder mask development







¤Silk screen printing

¤Drying and curing

Surface finishing



¤Nickel, gold


Routing and Melting


¤Routing board program

¤Routing board

¤Clean the board




Flying Probe Test


¤Flying Probe Test

¤Fixture Test

¤Determine maintenance


FQC final inspection


¤Manual visual inspection

¤AVI automatic appearance inspection

Package and Shipping


¤Vacuum packing

¤Packed in carton




Effective Production Management 


Strictly select and control circuit board materials to ensure circuit board quality from the source


High-quality raw materials

High-quality products must require high-quality raw materials. We insist on using high-quality FR4 and PTEE, etc., and are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with raw material suppliers to achieve mutual benefit and common development.







Advanced automated production equipment and testing equipment


18 years of experience in PCB production and SMT mounting, using fully


automatic PCB production equipment and production lines, greatly


improves production efficiency and output, saves customers valuable


time, and effectively reduces production costs. That's why we are able to


provide high quality and low cost circuit boards.





Strict quality control system to effectively ensure circuit board performance

Ÿ Strictly control according to IPC standards to ensure 100% shipment quality pass rate;

Ÿ Execute the quality cycle process and continuously improve product performance;

Ÿ Factory circuit boards are guaranteed to be 100% tested;

Ÿ Advanced inspection equipment ensures the high reliability and stability of circuit boards.



Leading circuit board manufacturing capabilities


The maximum number of circuit board layers exceeds 48, and the maximum circuit board thickness is 8.0mm;


The minimum copper thickness of the circuit board (ceramic board) is 1/16oz, and the maximum copper thickness of the circuit board is 40oz;


The maximum working board size of PCB board is 800x560mm, and the thinnest 4-layer circuit board is 0.4mm;


The minimum hole/pad of the circuit board is 0.20mm, and the drilling accuracy is +/-0.05mm;


PTH aperture tolerance +/-0.075mm, minimum line width/line spacing 0.075/0.075mm.




Experienced circuit board technical engineer


Focused on PCB circuit board production and manufacturing for 18 years,


Provide comprehensive services to customers in the innovation and research and development stage,


Professional technical engineers with multiple PCB industry experience,


We have extensive experience in various industry standards and process quality requirements.







1 hour response, one-to-one dedicated service


Quickly respond to customer needs within 1 hour,


Online customer service is available 24 hours a day,


Provide free DFM manufacturability inspection services.


PCB Testing Method

PCB testing is a necessary process that, if completed correctly, can prevent quality issues from damaging the brand's reputation when the product is launched. Beton uses first-class testing equipment, adheres to strict testing procedures, and is committed to providing highly reliable and high-quality circuit boards to our customers.

1. In-circuit Test(ICT)

2. Flying probe test

3. Functional testing

4. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

5. X-ray test

6. Laser detection

7. Burn-in test

8. Solderability test

9. PCB contamination test

10. Microsection analysis

11. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)

12. Peel test

13. Float solder test




Our PCB Guarantee

Every PCB quality all can assured!


Our pcb factory manufactures pcb, focus on high quality, fast delivery and hign cost performance. So our pcb quality all are hign quality and can delivery to you soon.


Raw material guarantee

All circuit board materials are made of high-quality A-grade materials (the company can provide board certificates)



Fast delivery guaranteed

Expedited batch production, order delivery time is only: 3-4 days, ensuring the interests of customers at the first time



Product quality assurance

ISO, UL certification, design document inspection, material inspection and production inspection are four steps to ensure the quality of production.



High cost performance guarantee

We will serve you at the most preferential prices in the industry. If there are any quality defects, we will help you solve them!



If you have any PCB demands, please contact us at any time. We are very glad to help with your production. Beton Technology is your best and reliable pcb manufacturer.