PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) is the process of PCB assembly components. We have SMT and DIP mount method, or mixed assembly.

We can provide components procurement, PCB production, SMT patch processing, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA testing and finished product assembly service.

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PCB Assembly Capabilities

Item Fabrication Capabilities
The assembly number of layers 1-48 layers
Assembly PCB board type Rigid PCB (FR-4, Metal Core PCB), Flexible PCB (FPC), Rigid-Flex PCB, Aluminum PCB
Maximum Assembly PCB Size 400mm x 1200mm (min 50mm x 50mm)
Component size ±01005(0.4mm * 0.2mm),0201      

BGA and other high-precision ICs: we can detect BGA components with a Min 0.25mm pitch through X-ray

Board Thickness 0.3mm ~4.5mmmm
The whole placement accuracy 0.0375mm
Component packaging Cut tape,Partial reel,Reel,Tube,Tray,stainless steel

Production capacity

SMT chip 4 million points/day,

Post-plug soldering 500,000 points/day,

50-100 models/day

PCBA soldering type SMT, THT, double-sided Assembly
Stencil Using laser stencil to ensure small-pitch IC and BGA components assembly to meets IPC-2 Class or higher standards
False positive rate ≤0.1%
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Printing accuracy ±25μm
X-Y axis accuracy 0.5um
MOQ 5pcs
Component services Full set of substitute materials, OEM only, partial substitute materials

File Type

Bill of Materials/Components (BOM), PCB (Gerber files and most PCB design format files), coordinate files)
Test items IQC, IPQC, visual QC, SPI inspection, AOI, X-Ray, functional test
Repair & Rework BGA Rework Service

PCBA Material

Item Characteristic
Brand AEM、AVX、Coilcraft、VISHAY、FUJITSU、Yageo、Kyocera、muRata、、Panasonic、Rubycon、TDK、TK、TAIYO、ROHM,UniOhm,SAMSUNG,Fenghua、ONSEMI、TI、DIODES、FAILCHILD、NXP、ST、Infineonand so
Material Grade Commercial grade, industrial grade, automotive grade, military grade, aerospace grade
Components Type Resistors, capacitors, inductors, ICs, relays, transistors, connectors, FETs, transformers
Grade Temperature 0℃~+70℃,-40℃~+85℃,-40℃~125℃,-55℃~+150℃,
Halogen Free Yes(optional)
Packing method vacuum / bubble bag / pearl cotton

PCBA Prototype Lead time

Prototype(<3m²) Layer counts Normal delivery Urgent orders
PCBA (Components in stock) 1 layer 3 Days 24 hours
2 layers 3 Days 24 hours
4 layers 3 Days 24 hours
6 layers 3 Days 24 hours
8 layers 4 Days 3 Days
10 layers 5 Days 4 Days

PCBA Mass production Lead time

Mass production Layer counts Normal delivery Urgent orders
PCBA (Components in stock) 1 layer 7 Days 4 Days
2 layers 7 Days 4 Days
4 layers 7 Days 4 Days
6 layers 7 Days 4 Days
8 layers 10 Days 6 Days
10 layers 10 Days 6 Days