Security Industry PCBA

Security Industry PCBA

Security Industry PCBA is the manufacturing and assembly process of printed circuit boards designed for security systems and equipment.

The safety system has high requirements for product quality and all aspects of production, especially in the safety system PCB assembly process.

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Security Industry PCBA

In order to provide higher-quality Security Industry PCB assembly services, Beton continues to improve its technical capabilities, introduce high-precision equipment, and cultivate high-end talents in the security field, just to provide customers with safer products and better services.

For security systems, we can provide one-stop services from PCB design, DFMA services, SMT, DIP plug-in, component procurement and assembly testing. If you want us to provide security system PCBA services, please feel free to contact us.

Security circuit board (PCB)material selection

Due to the particularity of the use environment and operating environment of security equipment, there are also certain special requirements for the material selection of PCB circuit boards used in security equipment. Usually, PCB circuit boards are more common: 94HB-94V0-CEM-1-CEM-3-FR-4.


Ÿ Conventional sheet: FR4

Ÿ High frequency materials:Rogers,Taconic,Taizhou Wangling,DuPont,Shengyi,Isola,ITEQ

Ÿ High TG plate: S1000-2M, Lianmao IT180A and supporting P sheet

Ÿ Solder resist: Sun Ink (Japan Taiyo PSR-2000/4000 series)

Ÿ Surface Finishing: HASL, immersion gold, OSP, immersion tin, immersion silver, hard gold plating (50u")

Ÿ Selective Finishing: Immersion Gold + OSP, ENIG + Gold Finger, Immersion Silver + Gold Finger


Since circuit boards for security equipment are generally installed outdoors or run 24 hours a day, the heat dissipation of security circuit boards is the first thing to consider. It is recommended to use PCB substrates with high TG values. Beton PCB is also a professional manufacturer of high TG circuit boards. It selects high-quality high Tg boards to ensure the quality of products.


Security Industry PCBA Features

With the continuous advancement of the industrialization process, the security industry has become an important field. PCBA is one of the core components of the security industry. In the security industry, PCBA has the following characteristics and requirements:


1. High stability

In the security industry, the operating environment of PCBA is often relatively harsh, such as high temperature, humidity, corrosion, etc. Therefore, stability has become an important feature of PCBA, which requires high anti-environmental interference and anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities.


2. High security

As one of the core components of the security industry, the safety of PCBA is very important. It needs to have good confidentiality, be able to prevent hacking, and high risks such as physical attacks.


3. Reliable quality

In the field of security, preventing accidents is the most basic requirement. Therefore, PCBA must ensure the reliability of quality during the manufacturing process, and ensure the highest quality without affecting safety and stability.


4. Strict specification requirements

In the security industry, PCBA specifications are quite strict, such as component size, circuit wiring, safety protection, etc., all need to meet industry standards and requirements.


5. Strong adaptability

The field of security covers a wide range of applications from intelligent home, security monitoring, intelligent transportation, etc. Therefore, PCBA needs to have good adaptability, not limited to a certain type of application.


In short, PCBA in the security industry has important characteristics and requirements. It needs to be continuously optimized and upgraded while the intelligent system is constantly updated and iterated to meet the ever-changing market demand.


Security Industry PCBA Application

Security industry PCBA is one of the important components of the security industry. Security industry PCBA is widely used in various security systems, such as access control, monitoring, alarm systems and other security equipment:Smart security camera camera, security all-in-one machine, digital optical transceiver, network video server, back-end storage device, smart lock, smart switch, smart curtain, smart control terminal, etc. The main purpose of PCBA in the security industry is to provide reliable, accurate, cost-effective and technologically advanced security solutions.


In the access control system

Security System PCBA can connect access controllers and card readers, with advanced features such as motion detection, face recognition and biometric authentication, to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter and exit the access control area. Security industry PCBAs can detect and respond to security breaches in real time. This enhances the security of the access control system by allowing security personnel to take immediate action and prevent further damage.


In the monitoring system

Security System PCBA can be connected to the control board and camera to detect and track security warnings in time. When the monitoring system detects abnormal conditions, it will automatically send out an alarm to remind people to pay attention to safety, so as to protect the safety of life and property.


In the alarm system

Security System PCBA can be connected to control board and alarm to control sensitivity and response speed. When the alarm system detects an abnormal situation, it will automatically trigger a security alarm to notify security personnel or ordinary people in time to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.


Other Security Industry PCBAs

Security Industry PCBA can also be applied to many other safety devices, such as smoke alarms, gas leak monitors, etc., providing a strong guarantee for the safety of people's lives and property. In the field of security, Security System PCBA plays an important role, so that people's lives and properties are more closely protected.


Therefore, Security Industry PCBA is widely used in the field of security and plays a vital role in the safety of people's lives and property. We should pay full attention to Security System PCBA, and strengthen safety precautions in daily production and daily life.


Security PCBA manufacturers

Beton PCB and PCBA factory is a manufacturer specializing in PCB circuit board manufacturing and placement, batch manufacturing and SMT placement processing. It provides security PCBA customization services and is your trusted security circuit board supplier.


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Since security monitoring circuit boards are customized products, the product pictures, attributes, specifications, etc. listed on this website are for reference only. If you need to inquire and place an order, please provide the following information and send it to Cathy@beton-

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