Maritime Application PCBA

Maritime Application PCBA

Manufacturing boats, yachts, ships and other watercraft rely on PCBAs to control the ship's mechanisms for electronic processes. Among them, Rigid/Flex PCB is mainly used to provide electronic solutions with efficient RF modules.

Maritime Application PCBA can easily corrode electronic components and PCB materials when exposed to fresh water, salt water and water vapor. The PCBs and components used in Maritime Application PCBA are based on durable materials and are specially treated to prevent corrosion.

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Several important performance parameters and impacts of Maritime PCBA

The performance parameters of PCBA are closely related to the PCB manufacturing process and the design requirements of PCB designers. The main impacts on the patch process are: the flatness of the entire PCB, PCB manufacturing tolerances, and PCB surface treatment.

a. Flatness

b. Influence of manufacturing tolerances

c.Surface finishing


What are the standards for Maritime Application PCBA

Maritime PCBA needs to withstand the marine environment, so quality must be ensured. BETON TECHNOLOGY has always adhered to quality guidelines:

þ RoHS Compliance Measurements

þ Test method for measuring the electrical performance of PCB assemblies.

þ Facility to test products and components for RoHS compliance.

þ Requirements for electronic component suppliers, including the type and location of labels required by the Regulation of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

þ Produces UL Recognized PCB Assemblies

þ ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 etc.

Maritime Application PCBA Assembly Process Flow

In the PCBA production process, there are various process flows. Each process must be operated according to a certain flow chart. Each process has its own process specifications. The following is one of the PCBA assembly work flow charts.


Maritime Application PCBA Application

More and more industries are now taking advantage of all the advantages of PCBA, including the maritime industry. The demand for Maritime Application PCBA is soaring and Beton Technology is also providing a wide range of Maritime Application PCB manufacturing and assembly services to this growing field. PCBA has many uses in the marine field, examples include the following:


Ÿ Autopilot

Self-tuning autopilot systems rely heavily on very precise electronic programming in order to function properly. The system must provide course correction and maintenance, ship stability and maneuvering capabilities while minimizing course error and power loss, and manage rudder use.

Ÿ GPS system

GPS systems allow workers on board ships to be prepared to know their location at any point in time, and reliable printed circuits provide guarantees for this.

Ÿ Radar

A reliable radar system needs to provide accurate information about the location of other objects in the water around the ship, and it must have a reliable PCB that works at optimal performance to ensure the safety of the ship.

Ÿ Fish finder/Sonar

Without reliable PCB-based sonar equipment to locate optimal fish locations, fishermen fishing in the deep sea may catch nothing.

Ÿ Maritime ultrashortwave radio

Radio is an important life-saving equipment for ships at sea, especially during long ocean voyages. The safety of crew and passengers on ships relies on radios and printed circuit boards that work reliably.


Features of Maritime Application PCBA

(1) Reliability and durability

Maritime Application PCBA can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and vibration, ensuring that Maritime Application can operate efficiently and reliably in the harshest environments. Maritime Application PCBA is a corrosion-resistant material that ensures longer service life and requires less maintenance.

(2) High performance

Maritime PCBA is a small and efficient way to connect electrical components, minimizing the space required for wiring and enabling more complex designs. Certain electrical features, such as impedance control or signal integrity, may also be provided. This enables more precise control of the performance of marine products, ensuring maximum efficiency.

(3) High security

Maritime circuit board By providing insulation between electrical components, PCBs can limit the risk of electrical short circuits or fires. Redundancy can also be provided to ensure that critical systems continue to operate even if a component fails.

(4) High flexibility

Maritime products must be designed to meet specific needs while adapting to changing conditions. PCBs allow for easy modification and customization of electrical components, allowing for versatility. MaritimePCB can interoperate with a wide range of electrical components, providing greater product design freedom to select the best components for their products without being restricted by compatibility issues.

(5) Cut costs

Maritime PCBAs are easily mass-produced, reducing the time and expense associated with manufacturing electrical components. Also the reliability and service life may reduce maintenance costs.


Why Choose BETON TECHNOLOGY As Your Maritime Application PCBA Manufacturer


¤ For today's businesses, outsourcing your electronics assembly needs is more important than ever. BETON TECHNOLOGY can provide one-stop PCBA services, such as: manufacturing pcb board, components sourcing and assembly service.

¤ Maritime Application PCB assembly is a complex process that requires specialized equipment, knowledge and experience. The results of this work must meet strict quality and reliability requirements. BETON TECHNOLOGY has extensive PCB assembly manufacturing experience and can provide the best solution for your PCB assembly project needs.

¤ BETON TECHNOLOGY is one of the leading assembly manufacturers in the marine market. With over eighteen years of experience in PCB assembly assembly, we have been manufacturing and assembling customized Maritime Application PCBAs for customers around the world.

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