PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Daily production points:

6-8 million

PCBA production size:

maximum 490 x 810MM(or special)

Plate thickness range:


Order quantity:


Electronic components:

Passive components, minimum package 01005;                 

The minimum pin spacing can be 0.25mm


Welding type:

DIP components / SMT devices / patch and plug-in hybrid / double-sided component welding (including patches and plug-ins)


Application areas:

Artificial intelligence hardware, communication equipment, automotive electronics, industrial control, security, medical, IOT, etc.

SMT Assembly processing capabilities

Regular delivery

> Regular proofing (within 50pcs): 3 days for all materials

> Small batch (50-500pcs): 3-5 days

> Massproduction quantity (≥500pcs): 5-7 days

PCBA circuit board size

> Small board size: 50mm x 50mm

> (If smaller than this size, panels will be required)

> Large board size: 810*490m

Daily production capacity

> PCBA patch 324,000-810,000 points/day





Ball Parts (BGA) Pitch

> Not less than 0.35mm

> Three-proof paint spraying





Available PCB board types

> PCBrigid board (FR-4, metal substrate)

> Flexible board (FPC)

> Rigid-flex PCB

> Aluminumboard

Part placement accuracy

> Minimumcomonents accuracy ±0.04mm

> IC patch accuracy ±25UM


Component services

> Full set of ingredients

> Partially substituted materials

> OEM and materials

Component size

> CHIP 01005(metric 0.3*0.15mm)~45mm

> High-precision BGA ICs: Supports using X-ray to detect BGA components with Min0.25mm pitch

SMT Assembly process

IQC incoming material inspection

Inspection purpose: to prevent online delivery delays caused by defective materials and poor manufacturing processes.


SPI solder paste inspection

Inspection purpose: to discover in advance that the work in the previous process flows out of the next process

Inspection standards: 3D inspection + data statistical analysis


3D AOI detection

Purpose of inspection: Check whether there are errors, leaks, leaks, or defective materials flowing out of the produced products to the next process.


SMT first article inspection

Inspection purpose: to ensure that the components attached to the production model are completely consistent with the customer's assembly drawing and bill of materials to prevent defects from flowing into the next process.

Inspection standards: refer to Bom and gerber information


Visual examination

Inspection purpose: To conduct a full inspection of the produced products to see if they are in compliance with the work instructions

Inspection standards: process instructions for each product and instructions for each position


X-ray-welding inspection

Inspection purpose: To detect the solder joints of original parts that are invisible to the naked eye to avoid short circuits caused by false soldering and flow out of the next process.

Inspection equipment: UFJ AX8200

BGA components Rework

X-ray detects BGA welding defects and disassembles and welds them under temperature-controlled conditions to slow down the impact on the device and ensure the quality of repair welding


QA testing

Standardize the inspection of shipped finished products to prevent unqualified products from being shipped

Anti-static packaging and safe storage to arrange delivery

SMT workshop error proofing system

1. Glued cardboard: Test whether the SMT mounting position is correct, greatly reducing SMT trial production time and component waste, and effectively ensuring the quality of SMT;

2. Intelligent first article detector: detects wrong materials, missing parts, polarity, direction, silk screen, etc., mainly used in first article inspection; compared with manual inspection, it is more accurate and the speed is increased by 50%+;

3. SPI - fully automatic 3D solder paste thickness gauge: detects various solder paste printing quality problems such as missing prints, less tin, more tin, connected tin, offset, poor shape, board surface contamination, etc.;

4. 3D AOI: Detect various problems after placement: short circuit, leakage, polarity, displacement, wrong parts;

5. X-ray: Detect open circuit and short circuit of BGA, QFN and other devices.


AdvancedSMTAssembly processing equipment


Automatic Printing Machine

SMT Assembly machine

Automatic solder paste printing machine

Reflow soldering

Wave Soldering

NXT Machine

 3DAOI Tester

SMT Assembly PCBA Application Areas


》 Consumer Electronics

》 Automotive Industry

》 Medical Device

》 LED Light

》 Aerospace

》 Industrial Control

》 Security Industry

》 Telecom Equipment

》 Maritime Application

》Military and Defense Applications

》 Components Sourcing Service


Why Choose Beton Technology for SMT Assembly Processing

All-round one-stop service

Board making - material procurement - welding - functional testing - conformal paint coating - assembly one-stop service to fully meet the different needs of customers and provide more efficient, faster and more complete value-added services for research and development


Super-class production equipment protects excellent quality

Fully automatic printing machine, 3D SPI, placement machine, 10 temperature zone air reflow soldering, 3D online AOI/X-ray, fully automatic first article detector, ERSA selective wave soldering, BGA rework station, DIP plug-in, DIP post-soldering AOI, automatic depaneling machine


Strong supply chain

China has thousands of procurement supply chains, which can quickly purchase materials in short supply and provide services such as electronic product BOM cost accounting, risk management and control, alternative material recommendations, and complete BOM component supply.


Flexible services

Test samples before batching, and provide 5+95PCS proofing services to avoid design problems or material problems from appearing in batches.



DFM and DFA experts

Can provide pre-production & post-production design DFM & DFA manufacturability inspection to reduce trial production costs


24-hour customer service

Beton Technology has established an account manager system for each customer, so that each customer's project has a dedicated person to handle it, follow up and provide feedback on the project progress at any time.


PCB Assembly FAQ

1.Can I send you some components to use on my future assembly orders?

Yes. However, before you send it to us, please contact us with full details of shipping information, quantity and part number.

2.What is the expected delivery time for PCBA orders?

Typical lead time to fulfill PCBA orders is approximately 2-5 weeks. This includes PCB manufacturing, component sourcing and assembly.

3.Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for PCBA orders?

No, there is no MOQ for PCBA from our side; the order quantity is completely up to you.

4.Can I do an X-ray after assembly?

Yes, we can perform X-ray testing on parts such as BGA after assembly.

5.Can you ensure the quality of the parts you use?

We purchase all parts from reputable dealers such as Digi-Key and Mouser Point. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of the parts we use. We also have a quality control department that verifies the quality of all parts before incorporating them into our products.