Military and Defense Applications PCBA

Military And Defense Applications PCBA

Military And Defense Applications PCBA refers to PCBA specially designed for military applications.

Military And Defense Applications PCBA usually requires high reliability, high performance, high stability, high security and compatibility to meet the special needs of military applications.

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Our Military And Defense Applications PCBA Capabilities

With the rapid development of military science and technology and the intelligence and networking of military equipment, military PCBA, as the core of military electronic equipment, is responsible for important functions such as control systems and communication systems, and is particularly strict with its quality. It is particularly important to specify standards applicable to military PCBAs. Beton Tech is able to efficiently implement military grade PCB assemblies.


1. Materials: We use a variety of materials including polyimide, Arlon, FR4, Rogers 3010, 4350 and 3010 series. These materials are proven to withstand high temperature and high pressure environments.

2. Copper Weight: We can assemble PCBs with extreme and heavy copper weights.

3. Surface Preparation: Oxidation and corrosion have always been a concern for manufacturers in the defense industry. We often use different types of surface finishing, including ENIG, HASL, Immersion Silver, OSP, Nickel Palladium Gold (ENEPIG), etc.

4. PCB Type: We can provide flexible, rigid-flex and rigid PCBs in single-sided and double-sided configurations, aluminum substrates, ceramic pcbs, HDI pcbs and high frequency pcbs.

5. PCB Layers: Many military and defense applications require dense circuits. Single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer circuits and HDI compact circuit boards can be assembled according to your requirements.

6. Processing capabilities: More than 18 years of assembly experience and developed processing capabilities help us easily meet the processing and assembly requirements for Military And Defense Applications PCBA.

7. Mounting Technology: Surface Mount and Through Hole Mount

8. Testing: Functional testing, X-ray inspection to ensure the quality of Military And Defense Applications PCBA


Military And Defense Applications PCBA Test Methods

Thorough testing is critical to confirm the reliability and durability of military PCBAs in real-world applications. Once a military PCB is designed to meet manufacturability considerations, it can undergo a variety of tests, including:


þ X-Ray Inspection: Also known as AXI, this test checks for various defects such as solder connections, barrels, and internal traces before the PCBA goes into full manufacturing.

þ Functional Test: Test to check if the PCB will receive power. How functional testing is performed depends on the application.

Military PCBAs can also be used for a variety of other tests, including:

þ Solderability test

þ PCB contamination test

þ Time Domain Reflectometer (High Frequency Board)

þ Float test


Military And Defense Applications PCBA Features

Military And Defense Applications The design and manufacturing of PCBAs need to follow strict standards and requirements, such as military electronic safety standards, electromagnetic compatibility standards, reliability standards, etc. These standards and requirements may involve frequency range, voltage range, power range, radiation range, temperature range, etc. to ensure that military PCBs can meet the special needs of military applications.


In addition to meeting the special needs of military applications, military PCBA also needs to have the following characteristics:


¥ High reliability: Military PCBs need to be able to withstand high-intensity use environments, including high temperatures, low temperatures, high radiation, vibration, etc., while ensuring the stability and reliability of the circuit.

¥ High performance: Military PCB needs to be able to support high-performance military applications, such as high-speed data transmission, high-performance computing, image processing, etc., while ensuring circuit power consumption and area utilization.

¥ High stability: Military PCB needs to be able to withstand harsh electromagnetic environments, such as frequency changes, voltage fluctuations, electromagnetic interference, etc., while ensuring the stability and reliability of the circuit.

¥ High security: Military PCB needs to be able to support the security requirements of military applications, such as confidentiality, integrity, availability, etc., while ensuring the security of the circuit and preventing hacker attacks.

Military PCB Circuit Board Case

High speed military PCB board is one of the military PCB board produced by us. The products are made of Rogers RO4350B+ Taiyao TU872SLK Rogers material mixed pressing and surface sinking technology. This type of circuit board is widely used in military field.


§ Application Field: Military industry

§ Material Rogers RO4350B+ TaiyaoTU872SLK Rogers

§ Number of layers: 18L

§ Plate thickness: 3.2±0.32mm

§ Minimum diameter mechanical hole: 0.2mm

§ Minimum line width/line distance: 75/75um

§ Minimum plate thickness aperture ratio: 8.5:1

§ Surface process: sinking gold

§ Thickness: 0.05um

Your Professional Military And Defense Applications PCBA Service Provider


Beton is a one-stop PCBA manufacturing service provider, with rich experience in PCBA assembly for Military And Defense Applications, and can also provide PCB design, PCB manufacturing and assembly testing help, with rich experience, We can guarantee the quality and performance of the product under the premise of your PCB design to provide modification suggestions so that your costs continue to reduce, if you choose us to provide a large batch of PCB assembly services, we will be responsible for your component procurement, reduce your time cost, so that you truly enjoy one-stop service.


PCB assembly for Military And Defense Applications is based on IPC standards, and we also have a strict internal quality control process, the workshop is also equipped with online SPi, online AOI testing equipment, and can also provide functional and aging testing, always adhere to quality first. Customer first, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence in quality policy. If you have PCBA requirements for Military And Defense Applications, you can contact us at