How Do We Ensure the Quality and Reliability?

Raw Material Guarantee

In Process Quality Control

Pre-production Inspection

Rigorous Testing And Inspection

Raw Material Guarantee

The best quality raw material for the best products.

Reliable Raw Material

All raw materials are made of international brands and well-known local brands, and the quality is guaranteed.

When the customer does not know what green material is suitable for their board, we have professional engineers to provide you with suggestions on materials that meet the customer's dielectric constant (Dk), dissipation factor (Df), surface roughness, thermal decomposition temperature, and CTE.

All raw materials are UL certified.

Reliable Raw Material

IQC incoming inspection

All materials need to be approved before entering the warehouse, and a set of strict material inspection and control procedures have been established to effectively monitor and audit the quality of incoming materials from suppliers or customers.

  • Precise testing instruments and equipment to ensure correct judgment of the quality of materials.
  • 100% of the material is checked for pad suitability
  • Adopt the general standard GB/T 2828.1-212 sampling inspection in the industry

IQC incoming inspection

DFM inspection

DFM inspection can timely discover design defects or deficiencies, process difficulties, manufacturing risks, design and process mismatch factors, etc., to ensure that the design and process capabilities are fully matched, substantially reduce the number of product trial production, save production costs, and improve product reliability.

Our professional electronic engineers will conduct free DFM inspections, conduct professional analysis on line width and line spacing, aperture, board edge distance, window opening, solder mask, etc., put forward some improvement suggestions in time, and form a DFM report to submit to customers.

Spacing between components
Position and rotation of components
Chip component pad size
Acid trap
Drill bit optimization
Lack of solder mask between pads

Production Process Control

Correct production instructions, management and maintenance of all equipment, strict implementation of WIP inspection and monitoring, all of these ensure the control of the entire production process.

Utilize the advantages of various precision inspection equipment, including SPI, 3D AOI inspection system and complete WIP inspection guidance and control plan, all of which ensure that semi-finished products and final products all meet customer specifications

IPC-A-600F Class II. Acceptance Criteria

IPC-TM-650 Class II. Test Method Standard

Production Process Control

In-Process Quality Check

In 18 years in business we have perfected our quality management system to ensure predictable and repeatable results. IPQC random inspection throughout, any defective components or manufacturing errors will be detected and eliminated immediately.

  • Quality inspection and control in each processing link
  • Set up multiple quality personnel to inspect the whole process
  • Alcircuit boards will be 100% inspected and electronically tested before delivery.

In-Process Quality Check


BETON PCB adopts the excellent management system created by the ISO International Organization for Standardization and has adopted a multi-industry quality management system

  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485
  • ISO16949
  • AS9100C
  • ROHS
  • UL

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