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Double Sided PCB Assembly


The double sided PCB assembly is 2 layers pcb board and assembly the components. And the IC use the VICOR V24B24T200BL. This is an out of stock chip but we can find the stock. Any PCBA contacts

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The following is the double sided pcb parameter:

Layer Count:2 layers

Board Type (Rigid/Flexiable):Rigid

Material Type:FR4

Surface Finish:HASL

Solder mask color:Green

Legend color:White

Electrical test:Yes

Impedance control:No

Buried/Blind via:No

Board dimension: 48.514 mm * 62.23 mm

Board Thickness:2.0mm

Copper thickness:1OZ

The double sided pcb assembly bom

No1Q1MMBT2222ALT1General Purpose Transistor NPN SiliconInfineon
No4R1, R3, R4, R10OpenSMD Resistor, SMD Resistor, Resistor, SMD ResistorPanasonic
Yes4C1, C3, C6, C74.7nFCapacitorKemet
Yes1C2100uF_50VPolarized Capacitor (Radial)Kemet
Yes1D1D Zener-15vZener DiodeVishay
Yes1P1Harwin5X2Harwin Connector, 5-Pin, Dual row, 3AHarwin
Yes1Q2IRF4905SHEXFET Power MOSFETInfineon
Yes1R210kSMD ResistorPanasonic
Yes1U1V24B24T200BLDC-DC Isulated, 24V, 200WVICOR

The Double sided PCB Assembly shows

Double sided pcb assembly process

1. Application of solder paste: First, solder paste (a small particle of solder paste mixed with flux) is applied to the board.

2. Component placement: The precise placement of components into pre-planned areas of the board is performed by a robotic pick and place machine.

3. Reflow: Pass the components with solder paste and the components on it through a conveyor belt through an industrial grade reflow oven.

4. Inspection: After the reflow process, the PCB should be inspected to check its functionality.

5. Through-hole component insertion: Certain types of PCBs require through-hole components to be inserted along with regular SMD components.

6. Final Inspection: Functional test of the assembled board, or a thorough inspection of the PCB to monitor its electrical characteristics, including voltage, current or signal output. when

7. Cleaning: Since the soldering process leaves a large amount of flux residue in the PCB, it is critical to thoroughly clean the components before shipping the final board to the customer.


What is your lead time?

A:It is 8-10 days as normal. If your order is urgent, we can apply to urgent order.

But the tooling fee will add a little.

What kinds of pcb can you manufacture?

A: We can manufacturer various pcbs and pcba, such as rigid board, fpc, hdi pcb, high frequency pcb, ceramic pcb, aluminum pcb and metal core pcb and multilayer pcb and so on.

What is the maximum output per month?

The max is 48000 square. So no worries about the shipment speed.

What courier to use?

DHL, FedEX, UPS and other international logistics.